party breaks

couldn’t keep your hands to yourself, huh prince?(○゜ε^○)

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Thank you all very much for all the follows! ;w; I didn’t think my art blog would reach that many, but it makes me very happy to see! I hope you guys continue to enjoy my art. Thanks again!!

blood and bruise(r)s

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"Your highness, we should return back to base and formulate a plan of attack. The Sheriff said that she would meet us there after contacting the Defender—" 

"This was my home."

"…Pardon, your highness?"

"My apartment building, Captain. Or at least, what’s left of it…"

"…I’m sorry, Princess. Had we arrived sooner I’m sure—"

"Don’t. We wouldn’t have been able to save it. It’s insignificant now anyway… All we can do now is try to save the city. I’ll be damned if we don’t…" 

"We shall, Princess. Now, we should really get a move on—"

"Just… give me a couple of minutes. Please."

"…As you wish."


Ah, the city of Piltover. Proclaimed for its progressive technology and bright, young inventors who constantly contribute to the ever moving city-state and pave the way for a brighter future. The city that stands high above many others, whose people are just as kind as they are hard working, who bustle around in the streets of the centre and make their livings up above in the concrete skyscrapers that tower over the civilians. It is in this city you find yourself, a fine lad who has worked to the bone to get to that chief executive officer spot, looking for a good way to relax after a long day on the grind.

The city-state’s attractions are plentiful, ranging from the high end shopping district to the many taverns that line the streets, their dim lights streaming out the windows and unto the dark streets, inviting lone souls to come take a seat at the bar and have a drink or two. The Yordle Academy of Science and Progress always welcome interested minds through their doors to come and observe the creations and experiments held within their institution. But perhaps none of these attractions, or attractions of these kind, are what you are looking for. Perhaps what you were looking for lies in a much more… ‘quieter’ part of town. Not in the sense that the residents do not cause a ruckus or that the streets are lacking in excitement. No, it is quiet in the sense that those who know of it and even frequent it constantly keep it under wraps.

The Red Light District is home to just as many bars as the central part of the city as well as various hotels of the finest quality. It’s only ‘flaw’ is its abundance in strip clubs and whorehouses, though of course, it is only a flaw to those who are uninterested in the company that the people within these businesses provide. Otherwise, the district is considered a blessing—

Ah, and speaking of cathouses, it would be wise to suggest to you the best one of their kind, no? Situated between a hotel and an apartment building dedicated to those who work in the area, is an alluring little home for Piltover’s finest ‘cats’; The Mouse Trap.

While it may look small on the outside, with its quaint little pink, neon sign and glow of red, on the inside it holds every man’s dream. When you enter you are given a choice: a show or a room. If you are to choose the latter, you will be led upstairs and shown to a private room where a woman of your choice (or not, you may request for a ‘surprise’) will meet with you and create for you the night of your life. But if you are to choose the show, you will be led behind curtains to the gentlemen’s club.

It is decorated with a bar and various tables and seats, including couches and small lounge areas for groups that want to attend. And at the front of the club is a stage with a protruding platform, made for the ladies who are the stars of the show. All of the girls who work are expected to perform every now and then if not on a constant schedule and each are as talented as the other, with their own unique charm and style that will have you at the edge of your seat, waiting for the end of the show to come so you can request for her to join you in one of the rooms you had been offered prior. 

Only the finest women who prove themselves to the Madame in charge are hired, so new faces are a rarity. The most recent of the women to join is a certain pink haired woman, a tatted lady who can seduce with the bat of her lashes with a smile that could break your heart. She goes by the name of Six, and she is quite the favourite. During her performances, she likes to pick and choose lucky men to set her focus on, and performs in a way that makes it seem as if it were just for them. This is what keeps her customers coming, and this is why she is one of the best.

The only ‘bad’ thing one could say about this brothel in particular is that once you step foot inside, you will never want to leave, and will return over and over and over… So be wary, my friend, for when you enter and are greeted, if you hear these words, you will be just as the name suggests:

"Welcome to The Mouse Trap."